A quarter of children ages two and under own a smartphone, according to a new study by ZACT. One more time, so it fully sinks in: 25% of one and two-year-olds own a smartphone!

Furthermore, 25% of children ages 2-5 have a smartphone, while nearly 40% of children 6-9 own one.

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We're not really sure what it all means, but Steve Doocy discussed the phenomenon this morning with Hayden Lynch, senior editor of Thrillist.com and Betsy Hart, author of "It Takes a Parent."

Lynch cautions against looking at smartphones as a bad thing necessarily, arguing "it's all about how you use it." Hart believes parents should not be using smartphones as a way to keep kids from becoming bored, arguing that children need to learn how to entertain themselves without technology.

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"It's about how we use them and how we parent with them," said Hart, advising parents to first let toddlers master things like puzzles before moving on to smart phones.

Lynch highlighted the positive aspects, saying studies have shown kids can "benefit intellectually" from interactive apps.