A 13-year-old Pinellas County, Florida boy was brutally beaten by three older boys on the school bus – while the bus driver looked on!

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In disturbing video of the attack, John Moody, the 64-year-old school bus driver, can be heard shouting, “Leave that boy alone! Leave him alone!” Other than shouting and telling the dispatcher a fight had broken out, Moody didn’t do anything to intervene.

He told a local station, “It was like I was in shock, I was petrified. I wanted to help him so bad.”

The beating left the 13-year-old with a broken arm and two black eyes. The three teens have been charged with aggravated battery, but the bus driver will not be charged.

The Five co-hosts discussed the attack and the driver’s reaction on today’s show. Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “It is just disgusting. There is no humanity left. Jump in, help the boy […] I mean, my God, he could have been beaten to death.”

Jesse Watters, in for Eric Bolling, disagreed saying that he felt for the bus driver. “He’s 64-years-old, he’s an older gentleman, he’s had a spotless record driving this bus.”

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