In part two of Greta Van Susteren’s sit-down interview with Rush Limbaugh, the radio talk show host went on the record about the George Zimmerman verdict. “I was shocked, to tell you the truth. I was surprised by it.”

PART I: Rush Limbaugh Rips Obama, GOP Leaders, Takes On 'Slavish' Media

Limbaugh said he was “prepared for a verdict that had nothing to do with the law.” He said the make-up of the jury, the condition of American pop culture and the fear of civil unrest would sway the jury into finding Zimmerman guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin in some way.

“I was really proud,” Limbaugh continued,” they looked at the evidence and they said this case has been overcharged and the prosecution didn’t prove anything.”

Regarding Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo on race relations in America, Limbaugh said conservative African Americans have called in to his show to say that big government policies have destroyed the black family. He agreed with that notion, telling Greta, “I think this has destroyed the black community. The Democrat Party is their savior, right? How’s that working out for them?”