Talk about a touching tribute! One son honored his father’s memory by giving away season baseball tickets to complete strangers. Kent Wilson and his dad, Richard, bonded over America’s favorite pastime up until the day Richard died.

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When Wilson’s dad sadly passed away last month of cancer, he continued his life through an act of generosity. Wilson joined Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to share his story.

He said it was too difficult to sit in the seats where he would’ve been with his father. So, Wilson put an ad on Craigslist, but said he didn’t intend for it to touch so many lives. All he asked in return for the tickets was that people “enjoy the game and make sure the seats don’t go to waste.”

Wilson said, “[My dad] played with Ray Miller, the former manager of the Orioles. And, you know, it was something that really brought us together. Growing up, I played baseball for a long time and he made it to every single game.”

After placing the ad, Wilson received numerous messages from people sharing their own stories of the bond between family and baseball.

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