On The Factor last night, Bill O'Reilly took on Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis (D) over the continuing problem of black-on-black crime in Chicago, where 386 African Americans were murdered last year.

A few weeks ago, Davis made waves by saying on a radio program that she's heard "some suspicion... that maybe the police are killing some of these kids," and that the problem is not all due to black-on-black violence.

Davis defended what she said, saying she doesn't necessarily believe the suspicions, but was simply relaying what community members have expressed to her. O'Reilly then went after her for lending her credibility as an elected official to an outrageous claim.

"People don't know where you stand. Are you buying that, are you not buying that? Are you refuting that? That is destructive to the discourse. Chicago police, as you well know, are not gunning down black children, you know that, right?" said O'Reilly.

"Certainly they are not," said Davis, but she explained that people are "wondering what the heck is going on" because 70 percent of murders in the city are unsolved. Davis characterized herself as a "good friend and supporter" of Chicago police officers.

O'Reilly pressed her further for making an "irresponsible" statement without a shred of evidence to back it up.

"Perhaps I should not have repeated what many community residents have said to me," Davis admitted.

Bill then asked whether Davis agrees with his assessment that black-on-black violence is being driven by broken families and unsupervised youth within the community.

Davis called the statement "terribly wrong," arguing that the violence is driven by a poor education system and lack of employment.

"There's no resources to help these kids do anything," said Davis.

O'Reilly responded that "you had a wonderful mom and dad in the home and most of your constituents don't, and that's where you should concentrate." Davis responded that with so many black men incarcerated, "some justly and some unjustly," it is very difficult to have stable families.

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