The outrage over "Obama phones" is only growing after a new report from the National Review revealed that one of their reporters was able to receive three free phones, despite not being eligible for even one.

Sean Hannity took on this latest outrage, holding a heated debate last night with Jehmu Greene and Angela McGlowan. Greene claimed that no taxpayer money is being spent on this program and that the efforts go back to before President Obama took office.

"What world are you living in?" asked McGlowan, agreeing that the Lifeline program was set up in 1984 to help poor people who could not afford to have a phone in the house. But she noted that the Obama administration greatly expanded the program in 2008.

Hannity pressed Greene on her claim that no taxpayer money is involved, asking, "who's paying for it then?"

Greene contended that the monthly fee taken out of cell phone users' bills does not equal taxpayer money. Hannity said the bottom line is that $2 billion a year is being taken from people who pay for cell phone service so that other people can have free phones, and it shouldn't be happening.