A shocking 61 percent of American workers say that the number one thing they dislike about their job, is their boss.

FBN's Cheryl Casone shared her tell-tale signs of a boss that “might not be that into you" this morning on Fox and Friends.

Here's a couple...

They ignore you: If your boss doesn’t really want to listen to you or passes over your comments in meetings, this is a bad sign. To fix it? Be assertive. Let your boss know you have something to say, and do not let them pass you by.

Your boss and co-workers exclude you from projects or meetings: If you get excluded from the group, then pitch your own project or campaign to your boss. The least they could say is no, and then you could try something different.

Watch the full segment for some more tips from Cheryl, and feel free to share with us some of your boss-related horror stories!