Rush Limbaugh joined Greta Van Susteren last night for a special hour-long interview, targeting President Obama for doing "great damage" to the country in his four-plus years in office.

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He shared the "Limbaugh Theorem" on how the Obama administration operates.

"He never appears to be governing. That's why he's constantly campaigning. Why is there a campaign going on for ObamaCare? It's already the law of the land. Why is he out campaigning for all this stuff that's already law?" Limbaugh asked.

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He argues that the "constant campaigning" is a strategy by the White House to make the president look like he's a Washington outsider and position the president as "fighting for everybody else to overcome what he has done."

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"These scandals, they're real, but he likes them because they detract from the absolute reality of what has happened to this country as a result of his policies," said Limbaugh, who called out the "slavish" mainstream media for continually failing to hold Obama accountable.

"The media is on board with his agenda and is trying to help him advance it."

(Watch that full segment in the video above.)

Limbaugh went on to talk about the future of the Republican party, saying that the GOP leadership "isn't conservative [and is not] particularly crazy about conservatives."

"I get more grief than Al Qaeda gets. All conservatives do, because we do constitute a threat to the way Washington views the country," he said.

Greta asked how the United States can turn around the education system, which is on a "downward spiral," and solve problems of poverty, especially in urban areas.

Limbaugh believes it all comes down to electing Democrats, arguing that the party "derives its power" from the education system. 

"They run the education system. ... They're not teaching, they're indoctrinating," said Limbaugh, pointing out that kids are being trained from a young age "to hate and despise conservatives and Republicans."