Sean Hannity is still waiting on an apology from Reverend Al Sharpton after one of the guests on his show called the Fox News host a “paid assassin” of African Americans.

Sharpton said on his radio show today that those on the right only want a limited discussion on race. He called out Hannity and Bill O’Reilly for trying to decide what to talk about and who to involve in that conversation.

Hannity pointed out on his show that he has discussed the issues with Sharpton. Michelle Malkin was fired up, charging, “Al Sharpton has blood on his hands. He’s ruined lives. He’s been one of the worst purveyors of racial divisiveness and hate in my lifetime.”

She slammed Sharpton for not having honor and for using his National Action Network to buy legitimacy. “This guy is a shakedown artist who hates cops, who hates whites, who hates Jews, who has stoked his rent-a-mob to murder Yankel Rosenbaum…”

Malkin went on to say, “He thinks he can lose weight, put pancake makeup on and all of a sudden he’s respectable?!”

Before playing a slew of Sharpton’s over-the-top rhetoric from the past, Hannity said, “If this is the battle he wants to fight every day, I’m going to remind everybody […] of a history of vitriol out of his mouth.”