The government is creating a team to make suggestions on how to modify your behavior on everything from how to save for retirement to losing weight. Trace Gallagher reported that the government plans to “subtly” influence your behavior through a group called the Behavioral Insights Team.

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Critics point out that the government has made mistakes in the past. After all, they once told us that trans fats were good.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is outraged about such a program, calling it “Mike Bloomberg on steroids.”

Gov't Agencies Wasting Millions on Benefits Paid to Dead People

“The federal government which can’t deliver the mail has no right trying to tell us how to live,” he told Neil Cavuto on Your World.

Furthermore, he said the federal government should not be wasting more money telling us what to do. “The minute we let the federal government begin to operate outside the confines of the Constitution is when the Constitution becomes meaningless.”

Switching gears to a brewing feud in the GOP, the judge weighed in on fellow libertarian Senator Rand Paul’s beer invite to Governor Chris Christie. Judge Napolitano offered to do more than just host the beer drinking, he’s willing to pick up the tab for his friends!

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He also noted that this is something the Republican Party goes through from time to time. “Reagan proved that the libertarian and the big government Republican can be on the ticket.”