Bill O’Reilly has been outspoken about his frustration with the “race hustlers” in America. CNN’s Don Lemon became an unlikely supporter of O’Reilly’s criticism of the ‘gang’ lifestyle that young black men can fall into, and has since been attacked for agreeing with the Factor host.

O'Reilly Fights Back Against 'Race Hustler' Al Sharpton: "Your Day Is Done"

On Monday’s “The View,” co-host Sherri Shepherd told Lemon that she did not want to give O’Reilly “a license to say anything because he’s never been a young black man.”

If Shepherd is honest, O’Reilly responded in tonight’s Talking Points Memo, then she would have to “keep quiet during 75 percent” of the topics discussed on “The View” because “she’s not a white woman and can’t possibly know that experience.” He added, “How foolish is this!?”

O'Reilly also targeted rapper Jay Z who expressed his anger over the “blatant” racism in America after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder in the Trayvon Martin case.

“That’s right, Jay Z,” O’Reilly reacted. “America is blatantly racist. That’s why you’re a multi-millionaire hobnobbing with President Obama, because we are a racist society. Good grief!”

Today, the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, led by Nancy Pelosi, held hearings entitled “A Conversation Race and Justice in America.”

O’Reilly slammed a congressional hearing, led by Nancy Pelosi, as a waste of money and “a way to stick it” to the United States, again. He called out its lack of diversity, given that the panelists consisted of “far-left people who believe America is essentially an unjust country.”

The Factor host said that the rest of the world does not understand the “race hustlers” in this country. He surmised that since a congressional hearing does hold some weight, “the world is forming an impression of America” that can be damaging.