Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) is launching a new effort to stop ObamaCare before it’s fully implemented. He is urging fellow conservatives to join a petition drive to defund the president’s health care law before the subsidies and exchanges kick in.

Today on America Live, Sen. Cruz told Shannon Bream it is “sad” to see the Obama administration disregarding the Constitution. He criticized the administration for not following the law as written. A few weeks ago, the government announced it would postpone the mandate for employers until 2015, but not for individuals.

That’s concerning, explained the senator, because if the law was “a good thing, President Obama would want it to kick in before the next election, not afterwards. The fact that he is scared about the American people realizing what a disaster ObamaCare is, […] I think is very revealing.”

When asked whether he'll run for president, Sen. Cruz managed to dodge the answer by saying his high percentage in a recent straw poll is reflective of what "grassroots conservatives are feeling across the country."

Stay tuned for the video!