Bill O’Reilly responded to Al Sharpton and the “Grievance Industry” in tonight’s Talking Points Memo. The Factor host has previously stated that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin, based on his clothing and appearance, resulting in his tragic death.

Tonight, he said, “If Trayvon Martin was my son, I’d be doing exactly what his parents are doing.”

O’Reilly has furthered the conversation past the Martin case, saying that “out of tragedy can come something positive.”

He is urging the civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton to “stop maligning the country and face up to a huge problem that is directly harming millions, primarily in the African American community.”

O’Reilly noted that statistically, young black men are the most violent group in the United States. He said the reason is in large part due to the collapse of the traditional family unit. “The civil rights industry and the white power structure basically ignore the problem. They also ignore the entertainment industry putting out vile products aimed at young people, some of whom incorporate the ‘gansta’ culture into their own lives.”

On Thursday, Talking Points highlighted the fact that Sharpton is in business with a company that distributes “garbage” like Lil’ Wayne.

Well, Sharpton replied on MSNBC, implying that O’Reilly is a racist. “Why is Bill O’Reilly talking about the African American family?” Sharpton charged. He then followed it with a clip from of O’Reilly talking about when they went to Sylvia’s restaurant in New York City together.

O’Reilly noted that Sharpton took the old radio clip out of context. He played the set-up to his Sylvia’s comment, in which he noted that there probably isn’t an African American who hasn’t been personally insulted because of the color of their skin. The Factor host said, “Does that sound anti-black to you? I continued my theme that despite racial injustice in the past, we’re all Americans with much in common.”

O’Reilly criticized Sharpton and other civil rights leaders for failing to deal with problems in the black community and for making money by promoting racial division. “Talking Points believes the day of the race hustlers is coming to an end. This 'we' and 'them' business gets the country nowhere.”

CNN anchor Don Lemon was attacked for saying on his show that O’Reilly has a point for noting that young black men raised without structure tend to reject education and gravitate toward drugs and gangs. Lemon said, “In my estimation, [O’Reilly] doesn’t go far enough.”

O’Reilly reacted, saying that Lemon’s “courage stands in stark contrast to their ignorance and corruption.”

He ended tonight’s Talking Points with a clip of Sharpton accusing O’Reilly of saying Martin was shot because he was born out of wedlock, even though he wasn’t. “That’s ridiculous, right,” Sharpton chided.

O’Reilly responded, “Ridiculous – you bet, Al. Your day is done.”

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Juan Williams praised Bill O’Reilly for standing up against “race hustlers” like Al Sharpton who are trying to divide the country. "I've taken some heat here. I haven't backed down," he said, telling O'Reilly, "don't back down."

Watch the segment, below: