Jim Carrey had a different take on the vandalism at the Lincoln Memorial. It wasn't just your run-of-the-mill vandals, according to the actor, but a protest against corporate greed. On Friday, it was discovered that the memorial in Washington D.C. had been splattered with green paint. 

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The Canadian-born actor tweeted this response to the vandalized piece of history: 

Former Governor Mike Huckabee took issue with Carrey’s “high and mighty” attitude for thinking that those who make money, even less than the actor, are not as honorable.

“He comes forth with this brilliant theory that somehow this is corporate greed, a man who made $20 million dollars on one movie […]. He’s probably made more than most corporate executives will over a career and somehow he talks about income and equity. How much did the electricians and the carpenters on the movie sets get paid?”

The memorial has reopened while maintenance crews work to clean up the statue. Police are looking through surveillance video to find out who did this, though they do not have any leads.

U.S. Park Police said in a statement: "This type of reprehensible act is unfortunate but it did not permanently damage the memorial and this incident further underscores the need for the National Park Service to provide more funding and more personnel so as to provide a higher level of deterrence through officer presence. We are fortunate that this deplorable act can be remedied but caution that we are lucky that this wasn't an act of terrorism."

Those visiting the Lincoln Memorial this weekend expressed their frustration. Ramon Arreola, visiting from Pennsylvania,  said, "In the U.S., we have so much freedom to express ourselves that people just can't respect that value."

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