There haven't been too many people willing to come out and publicly defend Anthony Weiner, as the New York mayoral candidate comes under fire a second time for sending sexually explicit messages to women.

His wife, Huma Abedin, explained why she has decided to stick by her husband a second time, saying that she believes he has become a "better man."

On Hannity last night, Sean asked radio host Eboni Williams and TV personality Leeann Tweeden about why Abedin is still standing by her husband. Tweeden said she can understand why Abedin has remained loyal, but believes Weiner should not continue his candidacy any longer.

But Williams contended that Weiner's personal issues are "separate and apart" from his ability to run New York City, if elected. She downplayed the importance of Weiner's personal shortcomings when it comes to his ability to do a good job as mayor.

“My mayor is not my husband, Sean! My mayor is my governor, someone who is in charge of governing, you know, for the well-being of his constituents.”

Sean seemed a little surprised by the argument.

"You don't want him dating your daughter, you don't wanna marry this pervert, but it's OK if he's your mayor? Think about that. It doesn't make sense," he said.

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