In Thursday’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly tackled money, jobs, and race, tearing into both President Obama for not addressing the real reasons behind economic inequality and Al Sharpton for his failure to recognize core problems within the black community.

During recent remarks, President Obama said that the average CEO’s salary has risen 40 percent since 2009, while the average American earns less than they did in 1999. “This growing inequality, not just of results, inequality of opportunity […] it’s not just morally wrong. It’s bad economics.”

O’Reilly cited the fact that the national debt has grown $6 trillion since President Obama took office, in large part due to the administration’s attempts to re-distribute income. “Welfare payments have exploded, ObamaCare costs a fortune and things like food stamps and disability are at record levels.”

O’Reilly argues that the real reason why wages aren’t going up is because economic growth in America is about two percent. Workers make more money when there is a demand for their services, he said, pointing out that his salary has gone up because other networks want to hire him.

“With high unemployment and companies afraid to expand because of high taxation, there’s little incentive for businesses to pay workers more,” he said.

Further, O’Reilly argued that even if there were plenty of jobs, “employers are not going to hire people who can’t read well and speak proper English.”

He pointed out that the unemployment rate among black males ages 16-19 is 57 percent, compared to 25 percent amongst white males of the same age. The reason for this discrepancy, according to O’Reilly, is that “in many poor neighborhoods there is chaos, violence and little discipline in the public schools.”

Also, O’Reilly believes that with the high rate of out-of-wedlock births amongst the African American community, young blacks are “unsupervised and prone to imitate bad behavior,” like that of rapper Lil Wayne.

Mountain Dew recently pulled a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with the rapper because of his controversial lyrics about civil rights leader Emmett Till, but Reverend Al Sharpton stepped in and held a meeting with Mountain Dew and Till’s family.

O’Reilly then charged that the parent company of Lil Wayne, “which markets vile stuff that hurts children,” is a partner in distributing Al Sharpton’s book.

"Al Sharpton is in business with people who put out entertainment that is harmful to children [...] The fact is Al Sharpton is allowing a company that harms black children to distribute his book."

O'Reilly concluded, "The civil rights industry is not addressing the core reason why many African Americans are not succeeding in the marketplace. Because of that, young blacks continue to be at risk and have enormous obstacles to overcome."