We're hearing some new revelations about the heroic actions of diplomatic security agent David Ubben during the Benghazi attack.

Catherine Herridge reported this morning on America's Newsroom (video above) that Ubben was severely injured during the assault on the U.S. Consulate and is still undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Hospital.

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Ubben repeatedly went back into the burning Consulate to help recover the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith. He also kept going back inside in an unsuccessful attempt to find Amb. Chris Stevens.

Smith’s mother hopes to soon meet with Ubben to express her gratitude.

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“He absolutely is a hero, along with the two SEALs that got it. There was no reason for all these people to die," Pat Smith told Fox News.

Meantime, about 1,000 Special Forces veterans have joined together, calling on Congress to support Rep. Frank Wolf's effort to set up a select committee to investigate what happened in Benghazi. Earlier this week, Special Operations Speaks unveiled a massive petition on Capitol Hill, demanding to know the truth about Benghazi.

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Bill Hemmer spoke to retired Air Force Col. Dick Brauer Jr. this morning about the group's efforts, asking "what do you think the truth is?"

Brauer says that the foremost question for him is who in the Obama administration gave the stand-down order to the military and why they decided not to order U.S. Special Operations forces or fighter jets to Benghazi.

"If you uncover that - who did it, why did they do it - was it political for election purposes? And when did they do it, that will break open the box that is holding the puzzle pieces," said Brauer, pointing out that a select committee with subpoena power may be the key to finding out this crucial information.

Watch the segment below!