Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Hannity to react to the president's economic speech, ObamaCare and other issues facing the nation.

Sen. Paul warned that ObamaCare will lead to bankruptcy in the states embracing it. He also said employers will choose paying the penalty because it’s cheaper, causing employees to lose their insurance.

One of the most “absurd” moments in President Obama’s “never-ending” speech on the economy, Sean Hannity said, came when he called the scandals swirling around his administration “phony.”

Hannity wondered how the victims’ families of the Benghazi terror attack or the IRS targeting feel about that remark. Sen. Paul said there’s “a lot that needs to be investigated” and perhaps the people responsible should face jail time.

The senator also expressed his concerns over the immigration bill. Watch the full 'Hannity' interview, above!