By now, you may have heard Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo from Monday in which he tackled race relations in America. On the night the George Zimmerman verdict came in, Bill O’Reilly personally spoke to Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY). He assured the Factor host that he wanted to come on the program to talk about the race issues that have garnered attention in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case.

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Rangel never appeared, and so O’Reilly did what any determined host would do – send your producer to track him down for answers.

Jesse Watters did find Rangel and confronted him about dodging the Factor. Rangel said he was still waiting for an invitation to get on the show. Watters debunked that theory rather quickly, causing Rangel to change his tune to: “It could very well be that I did not think that his interviews in his program was adding to the peace and harmony that I think our races should be seeking.”

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Rangel previously stated that if Zimmerman were black, the police may have beaten him. When Watters asked him about that comment, Rangel charged that if Martin were white, he wouldn’t have been stopped.

As for black-on-black crime, the congressman said it’s most prevalent in communities that the government hasn’t responded to. He said it’s “people without hope” who commit these crimes and live in impoverished areas with low unemployment, drug addictions and little education.

Watters brought up the issue of young females having babies out of wedlock. “It’s not the government’s fault that that’s happening. It’s not the white man’s that that’s happening. Is it? […] White people have access to guns too and they’re not killing people at the same rate as black teens are.”

Rangel said he didn’t know why Watters was bringing up teens born out of wedlock. “If you want to talk about the Martin case, he was not born out of wedlock.”

O’Reilly surmised, “So it’s clear that people pushing the racial injustice that they believed happened in the Zimmerman trial, they don’t really want to talk about complicated problems in general.”

He charged that the “grievance industry” wants to divide the country along racial lines because that’s “good for business.”

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