Sean Hannity had some harsh words last night for MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who said that Hannity and other conservative commentators have implied that Trayvon Martin "had it coming" because he had been smoking marijuana prior to his confrontation with George Zimmerman.

“It’s not really worth responding to liberal Joe and his under 400,000 viewers or whatever he has. His radio show failed, his TV show is failing, he has kind of sold his soul, you know, on a liberal network, and he attacks conservatives and is used by a prop by his insider Washington pals to attack conservatives," Hannity said.

Santita Jackson and Angela McGlowan then discussed last week's surprise comments by President Obama about the Zimmerman case and race.

McGlowan accused Obama of using the death of Trayvon Martin for political gain, agreeing with Sean that there was no evidence of racial animus by Zimmerman.

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