Marc Morial, the head of the National Urban League, appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to respond to Bill O’Reilly’s fiery Talking Points Memo from Monday night. O’Reilly asked Morial if he agrees that “the root of the black crime problem in America is the disintegration of the African American family.”

Morial told the Factor host that he’s “missing an opportunity” to help with the conversation – whether it’s on crime, unemployment or otherwise. “You can’t start the conversation by simply name calling, castigating and attacks.”

O’Reilly told his guest that he may not have understood the question. He reiterated, “I believe that the black crime problem […], the reason that’s happening to the extent that it is, is because of the disintegration of the African American family. Do you agree with that?”

Morial said he does believe that does contribute to social problems in the black community. However, he added that the disintegration of the nuclear family is happening throughout America, not just in the black community.  

The Factor host argued that it’s happening more so among African Americans. He said that black leaders aren’t doing enough to spread the message that black females shouldn’t be getting pregnant out of wedlock. “I want to know why you guys haven’t put out a campaign to fight against these pregnancies that are leading to crime and poverty. Why haven’t you done that?”

Morial said it's not about putting out an advertising campaign. He criticized the Factor host for focusing on the headlines when there are conversations within the community that happen beyond mainstream media.

“Do you not understand it’s not working?” O’Reilly shot back. “We need to come together, from the president on down, and stop the BS, […] and come to some solutions. And the first solution is, you got to stop young, black women from having babies out of wedlock.”

He called for leaders like Morial, President Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton and others to demand standards and discipline in schools.

“Obviously, you haven’t been listening that closely,” Morial said, adding that more needs to be done to solve the deep-rooted problems.