It's not every day that a high school student gets to ask a question at a White House press briefing. Yesterday, 16-year-old Gabe Finger, an intern at The Daily Caller, asked Press Secretary Jay Carney whether President Obama plans to take any action after the death threats to George Zimmerman and his family.

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Carney said he wasn't aware of any specific reports about death threats, but deferred to Florida authorities. He then brushed off the question as "ridiculous."

Finger explained to Steve Doocy this morning that it was decided at the office what question would be asked and he had gone to the briefing in place of someone else. He had no idea what would happen in the aftermath.

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"It's crazy. ... I thought I would be just a minor office celebrity, but I never expected this. The Twitter followers started piling up, then Politico, then Buzzfeed. I'm just really shocked by it all," he said.

Steve said it was a "good question" to ask Carney, and Finger pointed out that President Obama has been involved in the Zimmerman case from the beginning, "so he can't just abandon it now."

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