Tonight’s Talking Points Memo took on CNN for distorting Bill O’Reilly’s past comments on the George Zimmerman case. Before the verdict was handed down, the Factor host asked guest Mary Katherine Ham if she expects people to “run out and cause trouble” if Zimmerman was acquitted.

On CNN’s website, the exchange was instead reported this way: “Bill O’Reilly wondered the other day if, after an acquittal, black people would 'run out and cause trouble.' After all, you know how those people are.”

O’Reilly reacted, “I never said ‘black people.’ Writer Paul Waldman fabricated that in order to make me look like a racist.”

Today, CNN corrected the record, which O’Reilly said he appreciates. However, he called this an example of the far left trying to exploit the anger felt by some in the African American community. He went on to call Waldman a far left “extremist” and said CNN should identify him as such.

On the Late Show with David Letterman, guest Bill Maher was booed by the audience for joking about the Zimmerman case.

O’Reilly called out Maher’s “cheap shots,” and concluded, “Talking Points believes the tide may be turning in the sad case of Trayvon Martin. I hope so, anyway.”