After his brother's dramatic acquittal, Robert Zimmerman Jr. joined Bill Hemmer this morning on America's Newsroom to discuss how George Zimmerman is recovering from the long ordeal.

Zimmerman Juror: 'His Heart Was in the Right Place'

Zimmerman said that his brother is in hiding and trying to come to grips with the fact that he is no longer facing the prospect of a long prison sentence. As the Justice Department continues its investigation into Trayvon Martin's death, he said he has not spoken to George directly.

"We do have concerns and always have, of having our phones tapped. Having our phones listened to by the administration or whomever because George is now as we know continually the subject of an ongoing investigation. A lot of the things that we do are connecting in person. That's how we've managed to stay hidden for so long. It's kind of old school, but it works," he said.

Zimmerman Attorneys Suspicious of Fla. Prosecutors' Motives

After one juror revealed that the jury did not believe race was a factor, Robert Zimmerman said he is glad that the six women were able to put aside that issue.

"I think the most important and telling thing that she said was that this was not a case about race," he said.

He then took on special prosecutor Angela Corey, who made the decision to bring the murder case against George Zimmerman and after the verdict still called him a "murderer."

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Robert Zimmerman called her remark "wildly inappropriate" and wondered whether she was "disparaging" the jury for its conclusion.

"I think that woman has made quite a few outbursts over this case. ... I would encourage her not to say anything else."

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