A family day at the beach ended with police being called – and a two year old and four year old at the center of a nudity “scandal!”

Jeff Edelstein and his wife finished up a day at the beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey by rinsing off their two young children before piling into the car for the ride home. In order to make sure they got all of the sand off, they took the toddlers’ bathing suits off.

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The next thing they knew, they were being approached by the beach supervisor who told them, “Spring Lake’s not this kind of place.” Edelstein told Steve Doocy during an appearance on Fox and Friends, “The next thing I hear – I hear the guy on the phone saying that he has two naked people on the boardwalk.”

Within a minute, a police officer arrived on the scene and gave the Edelsteins a verbal warning. According to the law, it’s illegal for people to disrobe in public in Spring Lake.

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Edelstein said, “Obviously, the spirit of the law and the letter of the law are two different things. The spirit of the law was not broken here.”