Yesterday, we showed you the extremely frightening video that surfaced out of Panama City Beach, Florida, where two teen girls from Indiana suffered serious injuries when their parasail detached from its boat.

Witnesses watched in horror as the girls struck a hotel balcony and power lines on their way to landing in a condominium parking lot.

Martha MacCallum reported this morning that the girls remain in critical condition and we heard from some witnesses to the accident. Another victim dropped into the Gulf of Mexico when the parasail line broke and was rescued.

Here's more details from

The accident on the parasail was called gruesome by one witness on vacation from Georgia. The teens smashed into a building, carried to a power line and crashed into several cars inside to parking lot, the report said. The teens both went limp after hitting the side of the condo and only one was conscious when rescuers arrived, the report said.

The paper identified the victims as Sidney Renea Good and Alexis Fairchild, both 17 and from Roanoke, Ind. Officials say they were transported to a local hospital.

Winds from a storm reportedly kept the parasail aloft and out of the grasps of the vessel attempting to recover them, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement.

“We knew they were going to hit, but there was nothing we could do about it,” Amy Barron, of Alabama, told the paper.