We heard the latest update this morning on the tragedy involving 19 Arizona firefighters, who died while fighting a fierce blaze in Yarnell, Arizona late Sunday. The victims were members of an elite wildfire-fighting team called the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

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It's one of the deadliest fires in U.S. history and the most deaths involving firefighters in one incident since 9/11.

Reporter Will Carr (video above) said there was very low humidity at the time and the flames were being blown by high winds. The team carries fire-protectant tents in case of an extreme emergency, but the the wall of flames was apparently too strong in this case.

In the video below, you can see a news report from 2012 featuring the Granite Mountain Hotshots. None of the men shown in this video were among the victims yesterday.

This afternoon, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Prescott Mayor Marlin Kuykendall held a press conference on the tragedy.

During America Live today, we saw a photo of the fire-protectant tents that the team used in an effort to protect themselves from the flames.