Fox Report weekend anchor Harris Faulkner sat down with Judge Alex Ferrer to break down the latest developments in the George Zimmerman murder trial. The prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, took the stand last week. She was on the phone with Martin when he encountered Zimmerman. Her testimony, according to Judge Alex, helped the defense more than the prosecution.

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Judge Alex told Faulkner that the prosecution is in trouble. “Usually when the defense gets up, it starts to weaken the prosecution’s side of the case. But so far, even on the prosecution’s side, the defense has scored point after point after point on their self-defense claim.”

Furthermore, neighbor and prosecution witness John Good testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman during the fight. He assessed that his testimony also helped the defense because it supports Zimmerman’s claim that he felt his life was in danger. “That is critical and it’s supported by other evidence in the case at this point.”

Judge Alex believes that the prosecution overcharged with a second-degree murder charge. He said it’s possible that Zimmerman could be charged with manslaughter if there’s a conviction. “The prosecution has a bad case right now, but they could lose the battle and win the war anyway.” 

Watch the rest of his analysis in the video above!

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