Fox News contributor and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is calling for more investigations in light of recent scandals and the immigration bill. She charged that President Obama is leading from behind on these issues, which she said just shows “the community organizer in our president.”

On America’s News HQ, she criticized both Republicans and Democrats who “caved” in to President Obama’s “wishes to legalize illegal aliens.”

Palin slammed the bill and its supporters, saying “it’s a matter of a lack of principle and respect the law.” She even called it a “betrayal” to law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants. “It doesn’t solve any of the problems that we may have with immigration.”

When it comes to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Palin said he needs to face the consequences of his actions if he did indeed violate the law. “We are still a nation that respects the rule of law, right, even though amnesty bill just sort of thwarted all that.”

Watch the video above for Palin's full interview!