This week, Fox and Friends has been bringing us heartwarming stories of people who say they have experienced heaven. On today's show, Steve Doocy sat down with 13-year-old Colton Burpo, who says he saw Jesus in heaven while nearly dying during a severe appendectomy.

His father, Todd Burpo, the author of "Heaven Is For Real," explained the moment when he realized that his young son had experienced something more than just a dream. Todd said that his then-three-year-old son started talking about a sister that he had never met. He said Colton was never told that his mother once had a miscarriage.

He said, 'Well Mom you had a baby die in your tummy, didn't you? I met her.' And when he talks about her, not only can he describe her and tell us what she looks like, but she knows us and she sees us. And she couldn't wait for him to get to heaven. She was at the gates meeting him when he got there," said Todd Burpo.

Watch the rest of the interview to hear Colton's recollection of what he experienced.