Senator Joe Manchin joined Special Report to talk about the president’s new climate change push. The Democratic senator from West Virginia, a key coal producing state, criticized President Obama’s plan as “irresponsible.”

He told Bret Baier, “We’re looking for an all-in energy policy that basically secures our nation, makes us less dependent on foreign oil, foreign energy. And we can do that, but we’ve got to use everything have and in balance with the environment and the economy.”

Sen. Manchin charged that the Obama administration still sees the world as flat. He noted that the United States burns one-eighth of the world’s coal, therefore not using coal in the U.S. wouldn’t make a difference to the environment.

He declared that the Obama admin has a war on jobs and said Americans need to say a prayer for the coal miners. The Senator added, “It is going to be a killer of jobs, but bottom line, the EIA (Energy Information Administration) basically says they’re depending upon coal well up until 2040. […] Why do you want to shoot yourself in both feet and then try to run the marathon tomorrow?”