As Congress continues to debate the immigration bill, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has already come out and stated that he will be voting no on the legislation. He told Sean Hannity that he’s open to immigration reform, as long as it involves securing the border first – something that this bill does not do.

Sen. Paul said, “I was very explicit about this, but apparently nobody listened or cared. I also thought it was important that when we determined whether the border’s secure, that Congress should determine this, not the president. I don’t have a lot of trust left over for the current president, but I really don’t trust any president to make this decision.”

Hannity said his sources in Washington D.C. are saying that the leading bill being discussed in the House would give a five-year temporary status to illegal immigrants, and if the border’s not secure, then it’d be revoked. Sen. Paul said he's hearing the same thing, but he hopes that’s not the plan because “once you give status, it’s never coming back.”