NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s cat-and-mouse game with authorities continues. Witnesses say that Snowden was nowhere to be found on the Moscow to Cuba flight that he was expected to board.

There was speculation that Snowden would head to Ecuador from Cuba to seek asylum. Ecuador’s foreign minister says his country will put human rights principles above any other interests in allowing Snowden to seek asylum there.

Secretary of State John Kerry is also speaking out about Snowden’s evasion of U.S. extradition efforts, saying, “I wonder if Mr. Snowden chose China and Russia as assistants in his … flight from justice because they’re such powerful bastions of internet freedom. And I wonder if while he was in either of those countries he raised the questions of internet freedoms since that seems to be what he champions.”

12:25p ET UPDATE: During a press conference moments ago, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that U.S. authorities believe that Snowden remained in Russia, and have discussed Snowden’s whereabouts with Russian authorities.