A college student is suing her former Georgia school district for $2 million after she claims officials “stole” the photo above from her Facebook page without her permission. She says the district humiliated her by using the bikini shot to remind students that they should be careful about what they post online. Below is more on the case from FoxNews.com.

Teen Says TSA Agent Humiliated Her Over THIS Outfit

According to the station, Chelsea Chaney is seeking $2 million from the Fayette County School District after its director of technology showed a photo of her posing with a cardboard cutout of rapper Snoop Dog under the title, "Once it's there, it's there to stay."

"I was embarrassed. I was horrified," Chaney, who is now a college freshman, told WSBTV in Atlanta. "It never crossed my mind that this would ever, ever happen to me."

"Their idea that putting something on Facebook gives them a license to steal it and carte blanche to do with it what they did is wrong ethically, it's wrong morally and it's absolutely wrong legally," Chaney’s attorney, Pete Wellborn, reportedly elaborated.

"(They) then used it out of context to suggest that Chelsea is a promiscuous, abuser of alcohol."

The school district, for its part, reportedly would not comment on the suit.

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