On Saturday night's Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed IRS union "thugs" for receiving millions of taxpayer dollars in bonuses. Plus, how did they manage to send millions in tax refund money to unauthorized workers and at the same address?! Outraged at the absurdity, the judge had some advice for the government. Read the transcript of her Opening Statement below and check out the video above. 

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Now I may be from small town America and may have worked in a dairy, but there are certain beliefs I learned there that I thought were universal.

A penny saved is a penny earned. A watched pot never boils. A day's pay for a day's work.

Lately, my head's been spinning at the number and enormity of scandals coming out of the Obama White House. But with the latest one, I think my head actually did a complete 360.

This week, we find out that IRS employees are getting an extra $70 million dollars in bonuses. You heard me right! $70 million hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars.

Why even give them bonuses?

Our government is collapsing under the weight of federal spending. But not just spending – irresponsible, unnecessary and foolish spending. Money for programs destined for failure, like Solyndra. Money to countries that hate us and burn in effigy, like Libya. And money to people who come here to live off the fat of our land and then kill us.

It's our money! Why give it to people who are already paid an agreed upon salary? Why? Because they're in a union.

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Now, without getting into history of unions, they were formed when conditions were unsafe and life threatening.  Unless you think working for the IRS is life threatening, I don't understand why these people are even unionized.  But that ignores the political reality of paybacks in Washington, doesn’t it?

Now I worked in law enforcement for 30 years and I worked my butt off.  Sometimes 24/7.  When I left, I never got a bonus. I didn't even get that watch that people talk about.

These IRS bozos, they’re spending our hard-earned money entertaining themselves at $50 million dollar conferences – receipts for which they cannot even produce – line dancing like a bunch of fools and dressing up like they're Spock in a Star Trek movie.

The people who can't wait to audit you, the people who can't wait to intimidate you, waste away our money while they squeeze every nickel and dime out of the rest of us.

The IRS has proven itself to be a vindictive, political weapon of this administration.

Their targets based on the enemy or victim of the moment. This moment: Conservative? Tea party? Patriot? Pro-Israel?

I truly believe the average American is more afraid of the IRS than they are of Al Qaeda.

But our president, he’s going to make them accountable.

President Obama: “If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous and there's no place for it.  And they have to be held fully accountable.”

But Mr. President, no one's been punished, fired or even held responsible. You give even the people who ran the division targeting Americans the bonuses. Folks, what does that tell you about whether the White House directed the political targeting?

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That Lois Lerner, the head of the division targeting conservative groups, she gets a bonus! The woman who says she's not good at math, who appears before Congress and lies to them and then returns to give self-serving statements, and then refuses to answer congressional oversight inquiries. She's on vacation this summer, and by the way, all of us are paying for it.

And Sarah Hall Ingram, also part of the division targeting political enemies, now rewarded with a plum ObamaCare implementation job. She's received six figure bonuses.

I have a question.  How do you decide who gets a bonus, and for how much? 

If the IRS intimidates a political or a religious target to squeeze out more money, or intimidates the target who doesn't have the moxy or the money to go toe-to-toe with them, or a target whose whole life is destroyed because a civil audit is turned into a political one, or worse - a criminal one, and then leaked out to the press...

Is the idea that if these bullies rack up enough money that a percentage goes into their bonus?

And what do you mean they only get bonuses if they substantially exceed expectations?  Did you hire a bunch of idiots and now you're shocked they're doing an okay job so you want to reward them?

If someone is lucky enough to work for and represent the United States government, they should be competent as hell to begin with.

And yesterday, we hear the Treasury Inspector General reports the IRS sent out $46 million dollars in federal tax refunds to almost 24 thousand unauthorized alien workers and all to the same address. 

How could these people exceed expectations and not realize that almost 24 thousand checks went to the same address?

Do these geniuses really think 24 thousand people live in one house?

I have an idea. Why not put the NSA on the IRS for their ingenious, but allegedly non-existent, metadata collection to figure out what a third grader could in a minute. But I digress.

So who agreed to these bonuses?  Who negotiated them?

Answer: the IRS and their employees of course.

But wait a minute!  I'm the sucker who's paying for this!  Why wasn't I at the table?  And why so much money? Did they bring a mask and a gun to the contract negotiation?

Look, police officers put their lives on the line every day.  They don't get bonuses. 

Firemen run into burning buildings to save us and we don't pay them nearly enough to live.

Military men and women come home with limbs blown off and invisible injuries like TBI or PTSD. We don't give them bonuses.  Hell, we don't even take care of them.  

The National Treasury Employees Union has had a negotiated performance awards program at the IRS for decades, pursuant to the law and regulations which specifically authorize agencies to implement such merit-based incentive programs.

A merit based incentive program?  You have to incentivize these people?  How about they have a job with a regular salary?

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How about they get: Sick time, comp time, vacation time, holidays off, a pension, health care.

Mr. President, what's that? We are a nation of laws. We have to follow the rules? How about you actually read the collective bargaining agreement?

If there's a budget shortfall, you don't have to give them the money! We're going down the economic tubes.  Are the unions that powerful?

Let me tell you what to do. It's time for your big-boy pants. You appointed this guy [Daniel] Werfel to head the IRS. Have him stand up and say, "No bonuses this year, there is a shortfall."

What are they going to do? Sue you? You've got in-over-his-head [Eric] Holder, your Justice Department genius. He can handle it. 

I have an idea, take the $70 million and give it to the men and women returning from your wars with fewer body parts than they left with. 

My head is still sore from that 360 head spin, but I still believe you get a day's pay for a day's work.  Nothing more and nothing less. 

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