What caused the crash of TWA Flight 800? New information from whistleblowers is challenging the official explanation given by the NTSB that an electrical short circuit triggered a gas explosion.

Megyn Kelly went over the bombshell revelations on America Live with James Kallstrom, the former FBI Special Agent in charge of the investigation, who spoke with her by phone, and Tom Stalcup, co-producer of the new EPIX documentary "TWA Flight 800."

Kallstrom challenges the view that a missile may have hit the airliner, casting doubt on what eyewitnesses to the crash think they may have seen. He said no stone was left unturned by investigators, and questions where any new evidence in the case could have come from, since the pieces of the plane are still in the same place where the jet was re-created by investigators.

Stalcup went after Kallstrom for an animation of the event created by the CIA that he believes shows an impossible scenario of events. He believes Kallstrom and the investigators chose to ignore what witnesses said, and to this day none have testified publicly.

"Let them testify. That's what you should have done in 1997," said Stalcup.

Megyn questioned why there would be some kind of "conspiracy" to cover up the true cause of the disaster. Kallstrom said if the whistleblowers were "real men" they'd have come forward when the investigation was still ongoing and he could have done something about it.

"Now that they've got their government pensions and they feel safe. It's a crazy idea," said Kallstrom, lamenting the prospect that the victim's families will now start to wonder what happened all over again.

He said the documentary is "fascinating just like Walt Disney is fascinating."

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