Kid Rock was in studio today on America Live with Megyn Kelly. The musician made waves with his support of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and now he’s turning heads in the music industry.

Concert tickets these days can cost you hundreds, but this rocker is selling tickets for a price of just $20. He teamed up with Live Nation to give the fans a deal, instead of the corporations. Oh yeah, and beer at a Kid Rock concert is capped at $4. Are ya sold yet?

He told Megyn he wanted to make a better experience for fans, but joked, “The money’s in the numbers so if you can’t get people to show up and see you for 20 dollars, it might be time to rethink things.”

When asked about why he was so vocal with his support for Romney, Kid Rock had high praise. “I’ve never met a more decent human being in my life. It was mind-blowing to me. […] I can’t say I’d do that for too many people.”

His pick for 2016? Rock said he likes Dr. Ben Carson's message.

As for being a conservative in the entertainment industry, he said, “Of course there’s blowback, I’m like the only righty in a left industry. There’s nothing wrong for standing up for what you believe in and having honest conversation with people.”

In fact, Rock said he gets into heated discussions often with friend and actor Sean Penn. “We go at it toe-to-toe all the time, but you know what, we have great conversations and we have a better understanding of some things.”

The pair even partnered up for a PSA with a simple yet powerful message about uniting Americans: “Don’t let politics divide us.”

Moving to a lighter topic, he reacted to The Five’s Dana Perino, who made her rather hilarious rap debut recently!