A Texas man “messed with the wrong witch” when he attempted to carjack Dorothy Baker-Flugence and her two young children. Baker-Flugence told her amazing story on Fox and Friends this morning.

She and her two boys had just returned to their vehicle from a store when they noticed a man crouched in the third row seat with a knife! He told her, “Hey lady, if you don’t want your kids to get hurt you’ll do exactly what I say.”

The man, later identified by police as 53-year-old Ismael Martinez, was after cash.

Baker-Flugence tried her best to stay calm and attempted to call 911 without him noticing, but unfortunately he climbed to the front of the car after she made a turn he didn’t want her to. When he noticed her attempting to call 911, the two engaged in a struggle and Martinez placed a knife at her throat.

Baker-Flugence pointed her car in the direction of a telephone pole, knowing that she and her kids were belted into their seats, but that Martinez would likely hit the windshield. She then punched him in the face to get him out of the car and ran him over.

“When he got out of the car, I was scared that he was gonna possibly come after my kids again, come after me again and maybe have a gun this time or go after somebody else and possibly kill them. So, the only thing I was thinking was to stop him and make sure this doesn’t happen again,” she told Gretchen Carlson.