In a world exclusive interview, Lon Snowden, the father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, sat down with Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling.

Lon Snowden plead for his son to come home, saying, “I would like to see Ed come home and face this.”

He revealed that the last time he saw his son was in early April and at the time, he “seemed to be carrying a heavy burden.”

“What I know as someone who served my nation for over 30 years honorably, and I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, that’s not something that I could have done, but I’m not in Ed’s shoes. I don’t know what he’s seen, what he’s been exposed to, but I know he’s a principled young man,” Snowden said of his son's revelations about the NSA surveillance program.

The elder Snowden begged his son to refrain from releasing any more information, as he’s concerned for his safety. He looked directly into the camera and spoke to his son, saying, “I hope, I pray, and I ask that you will not release any secrets that could constitute treason.” 

“Ed, I love you. I love you and I wish you the best. I want you to come home.”

Even if Edward were to face jail time, his father prefers that he come home to America, telling Bolling, “I would rather my son be a prisoner in the U.S. than a free man in a country that did not have again the freedoms that are protected that we have.”

Watch the interview below: