Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) serves on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees and is one of the most aggressive interrogators in Washington, D.C. He spoke to Bill O’Reilly on Monday night about what’s really going on with the IRS. He believes the government should’ve cut funding to the IRS weeks ago.

Gowdy told O’Reilly, “Hopefully our fellow citizens will be so disgusted that regardless of political persuasion they will demand criminal accountability for these actions.”

When asked about a possible White House connection to the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, Gowdy said they need to look at the Obama-Biden re-election team. “I can’t prove to you that it goes to the White House. I can tell you this: I don’t think rogue agents in Cincinnati concocted this scheme on their own.”

He agreed with O’Reilly’s Talking Points assertion that the Obama administration won’t get to the bottom of this case. The congressman said special prosecutors will have to be used to find out exactly what happened. The problem, however, is that there’s no independent counsel statute. Under the system, Attorney General Eric Holder is the one who selects a special prosecutor and gives that person access to a grand jury.

“Do you really thing Eric Holder’s going to do that when he’s in the crosshairs of some of this stuff?” O’Reilly asked.

Gowdy was hesitant but hopeful, saying, “If we put enough pressure on the White House the answer is maybe.”

He said IRS official Lois Lerner won’t be given immunity in exchange for her testimony just yet. “You don’t get John Gotti to testify against his driver. You get the driver to testify against John Gotti.”