Tonight on Hannity, Sen. Rand Paul said it might not be a good idea for NSA leaker Edward Snowden to return to the United States. Snowden told The Guardian newspaper that the U.S. government can’t stop him from revealing more secrets by killing him or throwing him in jail. Paul said Snowden didn’t commit a crime because the program had already been revealed by the media. The senator compared Snowden’s actions to that of ‘civil disobedience' and said he shouldn't come back to the US if he faces life in prison.

He also reacted to a new CNN/ORC poll that shows President Obama’s approval rating has dropped 17 percent by people under 30 years old since May. Also, for the first time since taking office, the poll found that half of the American people don’t believe the president is honest.

Paul told Hannity that President Obama is losing his “moral authority” in light of the recent scandals. “The other thing I think people don’t like is hypocrisy,” he added.

Referring to the NSA’s data mining program, the senator said, “[Obama] said he was going to protect our privacy, he said he would protect the Fourth Amendment, he appeared to care and he still sounds like does, but then he does the complete opposite.”

Watch the full interview above to see what Sen. Paul had to say about upholding the Constitution and immigration reform.