Bill O’Reilly and Juan Williams sparred over the Factor host’s assertion that the Obama administration isn’t trying to solve the controversies in D.C. Right off the bat, O’Reilly charged, “Juan, you’ve been pretty crazy lately. Are you going to disagree with me tonight that the federal government really doesn’t want to solve these?”

“Of course,” Williams answered.

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When it comes to the IRS's targeting of conservative groups, congressional committees haven't had much luck in finding out who's responsible. FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that he didn't know who was even leading the investigation. But Williams thinks that claim is legitimate. 

The Factor host challenged his guest, saying, “Whoa, why are you buying it? It’s a big story for the FBI, huge headline and he doesn’t know who’s in charge of the investigation!”

Williams questioned why Mueller would sacrifice his legacy and credibility for President Obama. O’Reilly shot back, “I don’t care about his legacy; I’m sure he’s a patriot. He walks in and he tells Congress, ‘I don’t know who the lead investigator is. That would be like me, Juan, saying […] I don’t know who’s on the Factor tonight. […] It’s impossible!”

Williams scoffed at O’Reilly’s comparison and replied, “The FBI’s a massive organization.”

He called O’Reilly’s interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy “more evidence of why Americans give a 10 percent [approval rating] to Congress.”

Williams slammed the congressman’s remarks that the Obama-Biden re-election team needs to be examined in connection to the IRS scandal. “Like somehow that’s the reason Barack Obama got re-elected? How weak is that Bill O’Reilly?!” he said, calling it slander.

“Juan, just watch a few 'Law and Order' episodes, okay?” O’Reilly shot back.

Watch the clip above to see how the rest of the heated back-and-forth unfolded.

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