Today on America Live, Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin took on a CBS News report during which reporter Elizabeth Palmer compared the more extreme candidates in the Iranian presidential election to Tea Party members. Palmer said, “He was seen as the most reform-minded of all of the candidates who ran this time. That being said, they were all very conservative. In U.S. terms, it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the Tea Party.”

Megyn Kelly pointed out that it’s curious that this report comes just as CBS Nightly News anchor Scott Pelley made comments about journalism in the U.S. and said how he believes that “not a lot of people watch cable news.”

“Well, we beat you on all the debates and on election night, Scott,” Megyn retorted.

Pelley also referenced the trustworthiness of CBS News, saying that when you are speaking to 7 million people across the country, you have to give them “the impression that you are being as honest as you know how to be.”

Michelle Malkin blasted, “Give the impression that you are fair and balanced. As if delivering the news is a Monet painting.”

“Nobody should forget when we’re talking about media and distortion that CBS was the king of manufacturing news,” she said.

Malkin continued, “Scott Pelley’s comments deriding and mocking his competitors in cable news just shows you how much these people chafe at effective competition. They hate it.”

Megyn pointed out that Pelley also misrepresented Fox News Channel’s ratings by saying that even Hannity and O’Reilly only pull in 200 to 300,000 viewers a night. “O’Reilly on a given night averages around 4 million between his show and his repeat […] And it’s just ignored. I mean he’s telling people misinformation, and for what? Why is that necessary?” she asked.