Florida teenager Chris Kreis encountered a 30-foot whale shark while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico – and decided to hop right on the shark’s back!

The wild ride apparently lasted only 20 seconds, as the shark wasn't a fan!

Kreis said of the encounter, “I got my forearm pretty uh – a little scratched up but I mean it was absolutely incredible being able to hold onto it for that little bit of time.”

While huge, whale sharks are very docile and eat only plankton and small fish. Some marine experts are upset by the move saying that Kreis could have harmed the fish by wiping off some of the slime that the shark actually needs to stay healthy.

According to Kreis, he intended no harm. “I didn’t want to harm him in any way, cause any type of stress, so I did what I wanted to do which was swimming with a whale shark and I mean, it was absolutely incredible and I might not ever be able to do it again.”