Violent clashes continued in Turkey today. Supporters of the government took to the streets in Istanbul while riot police are cracking down on anti-government protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

Fox News’ Leland Vittert is on the ground in Istanbul where he reported on the latest. He said some of the battles between police and demonstrators are winding down, if for no other reason than the pounding rain.

Taksim Square was sealed off over the weekend, preventing more protestors from entering. Vittert was in the midst of the riots and described how the tear gas felt, even with a protective mask. “Our faces burning, our eyes are burning. You can hear them launching more and more tear gas. It is absolutely incredible the speed in which they move ten thousand people or more out of this park.”

Meanwhile, Turkey’s prime minister appeared a rally where he denied charges that he was becoming a dictator. Tomorrow, Turkish unions plan on calling for a nationwide strike.