Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has raised some eyebrows on Capitol Hill this morning, claiming that he saw IRS agents training with AR-15 rifles.

“When I left there, it’s been bugging me for weeks now, why IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, which has stand-off capability,” Duncan told Politico. “Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability?

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Duncan, a member of the Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, was touring a federal law enforcement facility last month, telling Politico that he was shocked when some of the agents firing the weapons told him they were from the IRS. The AR-15 was at the center of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's proposed assault weapons ban following the Sandy Hook shootings.

Martha MacCallum discussed Duncan's discovery with Monica Crowley and Doug Schoen, noting that no IRS enforcement agent has ever been killed in the line of duty. But she did point out that they've had use their weapons eight times, and accidentally fired a weapon on 11 occasions.

Crowley said "you have to wonder" what these domestic agencies are doing with these types of weapons, bringing up the massive arsenal that is being acquired by DHS.

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