A House panel just launched an investigation into the IRS’ alleged seizure of millions of medical records.

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Your World to describe this “head-scratcher” of a case. “The allegations in this lawsuit are that IRS agents came armed, but not holding their guns, into insurance companies and stole the medical files of 60 million Americans, claiming they, the IRS, were entitled to it and had a search warrant for it, but declining to show the search warrant,” Napolitano explained.

IRS Agents Training With AR-15 Rifles, Lawmaker Says

The lawsuit was filed by a lawyer in Santa Monica, California. Both the plaintiffs and defendants are anonymous.

According to Napolitano, there are some red flags in the veracity of the case including that the government uses force as a last option, and that it would be highly unusual for such a process to not be negotiated first between lawyers.