Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke to Neil Cavuto today live from Utah where he is hosting a bipartisan summit. The former Massachusetts governor told Cavuto that his goal in the summit was to pull together people from both sides of the aisle to discuss their highest priorities. According to Romney, Washington isn’t addressing the most important issues to either Democrats or Republicans.

In the interview, Romney addressed the scandals facing Washington, saying he refused to “jump on the bandwagon of attacking the president and everything that’s going on in Washington.”

“He has a responsibility to care for the safety and security of this country and our people,” he said.

Romney discussed the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups and the impact it may have had on the election. “There’s no question that if some organization was being run through the mill that they were less able to do the job they put themselves in place to carry out […] But I can tell you that I don’t believe it was such a widespread and effective program on the part of the IRS or other agencies that it would have resulted in an different outcome of the election.”

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