To say the new NSA facility in Utah can hold massive amounts of data would be a bit of an understatement. As Catherine Herridge told us on America's Newsroom, the facility, which is set to go online this fall, could theoretically hold records of every email, cell phone call, Google search and surveillance camera video in America for a very long time. The center will reportedly be able to store five zettabytes worth of information, and will now be looked at more closely after the recent revelations about the NSA's collection of Verizon users' records.

Here's a graphic that gives you can idea of what a zettabyte is:

If you stacked those 62.5 billion iPhones on top of one another, it would go past the moon!

On Special Report, Catherine Herridge delved further into the world of big data and its impact on politics. Reporting indicates ties between Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, and the Obama White House.

During the 2012 Election, the Obama team harnessed big data to create virtual profiles of voters who could be swayed to vote for the president. That big data team is now operating under a different name with support from Eric Schmidt.

Watch Herridge’s full report below.