The mainstream media may not be talking about it anymore, but we know that you, Fox News Channel viewers, are still hungry for information on the Fast & Furious scandal. In today's "Because You Asked" segment on America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer sought to answer a viewer's simple question: what happened to Fast & Furious? He talked to Josephine Terry, the mother of slain U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed with a weapon that made its way to Mexican drug gangs as part of the ATF's botched "gun-walking" operation.

Attorney General Eric Holder faced a firestorm of criticism over the scandal last year and is now under fire again for the DOJ's investigations of journalists.

Mrs. Terry's story sounded a lot like the one we've heard repeatedly from Pat Smith, whose son was killed in the Benghazi attack. Both told Fox News that they have barely received any information from the government on the deaths of their sons. Josephine Terry said "we haven't heard anything for a year and a half" and any information she has received she has gotten on her own.

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Robert Heyer, Terry's cousin, operates the foundation and said the family was not told for three months that the gun used to kill Brian Terry was linked to Fast & Furious. Heyer said that piece of information only came out because of whistleblowers. He now fears that the investigation, led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), has now reached a dead end because the Obama administration has invoked executive privilege.

"We call upon this administration to release those 80,000 documents and allow the Terry family and the rest of the American public to understand why Operation Fast & Furious was put into place and why the administration denied, specifically the Justice Department, denied that this operation ever took place for three months," said Heyer.